Abe Abraham

Coming Back

“Home is just a word, you know”
They tell you that here
Birds in the sky, man on the ground
Things disappear

But I know better, at least enough
To miss holding your hand
I give my life to someone else’s dream
So either in a casket or a train

I’m coming back

I met you in the third town
Where we lived when I was young
In a couple of years mama was sick
And daddy was gone

We could start a family
Is it wrong to think like that?
I know you still ain’t met no one like me
So I tell you now, as long as I can breathe

I’m coming back

When the wind blows against your coat
And winter is coming in, I will follow

Well I been working fields and factories
Since I could think
For men who see money, instead of creation
And yell when you blink

But I believe in something
That don’t really have a name
I’d have a million dollars, I don’t care
Anywhere I been, well you’re not there

So I’m coming back