Abe Abraham


A faint, distant knock at the door
And you’re hoping it don’t open up
And folded in paper you wrote,
“I’m lonely, I won’t be no more

And you just remind me of a life
That I threw in the wind,
Like a dandelion
And you get so high that you might
Never come back again”

I’m walking that old dusty road
And I’m wondering if you are alone
You said, “Just one more thing
Before you go: I waited,
I want you to know

But you just remind me
Of lying all my time in the wind
Like a dandelion
I’m so far behind all my dreams
I don’t know where they went”

And you’re not afraid to move slow
But you’re scared that you’re doing it wrong
I waited until you were gone
Got wasted, woke up not alone

And do I remind you of a time
You were high in the wind
Like a dandelion?
If you look be behind you will find me
Still floating up there

Now you’re happy, content, you suppose
What you wanted is finally yours
You paid all your debts, you are sure
When the earth says, “You owe me your bones”

And please don’t remind me
My life is flying in the wind
Like a dandelion
And me, I’m alright
Long as I never think about it

A faint, distant knock at the door
And you’re gone when I open it up