Abe Abraham


You were the first one I needed
I never thought that it was wrong
Up in the mountains you were bleeding
I’ve been here since I was young

You said you’d call when you’re leaving
Don’t make me wait, I wanna know
I’m out of tears long before this
Been a tired and lonesome road

No one thought you would beat him
And you looked small in winter clothes
We heard a shot, I don’t believe it
I’m gonna miss somebody soon, I know

He wasn’t good with the children
He didn’t like me much no more
But I thought that I should keep him
For he was my first true love

And I’ll defend
I’ll defend you always

I thought we made a good secret
Meet in the church when it was closed
I don’t know where you got the key and
I don’t know how long this can go

We met when I was seventeen and
You were driving to the coast
I always wished you weren’t the sweetest
When I married someone else

And I’ll defend
I’ll defend you always

I’ll never know how he found me
I stopped to grab a pack of smokes
I saw the mountains fall around me
When he reached in his long coat

He didn’t say much of nothing
Except “You know who I am”
I never thought that he was bluffing
So I squeezed the metal in my hand

And I’ll defend
I’ll defend you always