Abe Abraham

Ghost #11

I’m afraid that I’ll follow you
Into the ocean at night
Scared I’ll defend you
When we both know you ain’t never right

You told me when you love a thing
It don’t make it the best
When I close my eyes all I see is
A ghost in my head

You always laugh when
I can’t drink no more for the night
You hand me a bottle,
A mirror, guitar and a pipe

The sounds to colors
And I start to melt when I sit
When I close my eyes
All the birds waking up make me sick

The sound of a siren
Awoke me on a cold afternoon
On a bed with no sheets
I was wondering what I already knew

When your bus was leaving,
How come you didn’t look back?
When I close my eyes all I feel is
Your breath on my neck

I’m walking, head hanging
I ain’t seen a car in two days
I blacked out a year and I’m wet from
The last time it rained

I didn’t even notice when you
Slowed down in an old Chevrolet
When I close my eyes all I know is
I’m going your way

You called me a child
In a tender and pitiful way
I knew it was true but I wondered
Why you weren’t the same

You said,
“When you’re scared of yourself
Then you’re already dead”
When I close my eyes
All I see is a ghost in my head