Abe Abraham

Keys in the Ocean

I threw my keys in the ocean
I lay down and the sun set
And a heart is heavy and hard
This night, the tide is in
And later on i'll be gone with it

I quit my job hauling bricks
Quit my girl, quit paying rent
And there's got to be one train today
Going west, I bet if I find the one
I'll be gone with it

I fell in love when first we met
And I knew then you didn't care
Oh but who can choose these things?
So I smile, the sky will rain
Wash it all and start again

And I got used to the sound of
The flashing lights
I was lonely when you came around
Now I'm just tired

You said "Meet me at quarter to ten"
I wait with feet in the cool sand
When you walk up slow i hold you
All is quiet, the time is here
To say hello and start again