Abe Abraham

Midnight Passing By

The silver sun is falling down
For to sleep beneath the waves
Calm and dark will go the hours
Til he comes around again

And if I was somebody else
I’d keep me company tonight
‘Cause you never knew a longer spell
Than a midnight passing by

The raven crying in the yard
Like he lost his only friend
And just like me he’s got a song
That’ll die along the wind

And call it sorrow if you call it anything
It’s just a trap of the night
But you never heard a longer ring
Than a midnight passing by

Broken branches lying around
Scattered matches never lit
The moon it burns my eyes somehow
And the sky is mumbling

And I don’t know if the world’s spinning ‘round
Or if it stopped here tonight
But you never knew a longer sound
Than a midnight passing by

I’d like to say it’s new to me
And I won’t be here again
But the stars all know me by my name
Who am I fooling?

And all the words that I could ever say
Would echo empty and dry
But remember me when you feel the wave
Of a midnight passing by