Abe Abraham

My My

My my, who'd have known?
Met you when my mind was gone
My my my I watched you go
Back when my heart was numb

My my, summer clouds
I'm not here, I ain't been out
My my my I'm drivin south
Before my money's gone

My my, easy love
You move slow, I can't keep up
My my my another shot
Whether ready or not

My my, look at you
Hair undone, lost your shoes
My my my I been gone too
You can't dream too much

But I do

My my, don't it go?
Falling fast & climbing slow
My my my the things I sold
Never thought to say no

My my, another town
I ain't been here, I been around
My my my I'm nodding off
I should be home now but I'm not

I wake up where I started off