Abe Abraham

To Say Hello

I walked across this town to say hello
I don’t expect too much and when you
Look at me so serious
It’s easier to speak of letting go
Your voice is so familiar
I could use something familiar
About now

You said I’m looking tired,
Well I don’t know

Well I’m doing fine
If I can make you smile
About anything, or sing along
WIth this song or another one you love
Or we could stand here for awhile
You could ask a lot from me
I would give you a lot of me, you know

But you don’t have to say
Anything at all

Ok I really just dropped by to let you know
I’m happy you are here and in this
World the same time I am
And I’m not tired, I’ve just been moving along
Can’t picture something different,
Wouldn’t want anything different at all