Abe Abraham

Uh Huh

I'm falling asleep at the edge of the city, uh huh
Where violent machines are all quiet and dreaming

I'm stepping out in a hurricane
While the others pray for my soul
And what was I doing yesterday?
I don't know

My lover breathes and is sweet like an apple
I'm crossing the street while a young man is bleeding

I'm leaning over a balcony
With a glass of cheap chardonnay
I used to have time to worry
But not today

Books without pages are stacked in the chapel
The last time I prayed it was raining in the desert

I lay my head in a city where
The delicate never go
Blowing a kiss to the other side
Of the road

A face in the window, it looked far away
We smiled at the same time and I remembered something

I woke up on a commuter train
With a silver ring in my hand
Looking around for a one that was never there